Chevron Celebration Cookie Gift Box - 2 Dozen, 2oz

Celebrate the hottest pattern of the year with our Christmas Chevron Cookie Gift Box. Fill your sweet gift with 2 dozen of our 2-ounce cookies and you'll be a hit around the house, office and all those fun holiday parties this year.

Please e-mail, or call 800.969.9709 for large gift orders of 25+ quantity.   
Cookie Selector
We have chosen our best sellers for you. For a custom assortment choose the cookies you would like fresh-baked for your gift below:
Variety 1:
Almond JoeAlmond Joe
A salute to the wonderful Hershey's candy bar. A medley of toasted almonds, Guittard chocolate and coconut.
Variety 2:
Cinnamon cookie with a whimsical name. Made with creamery butter and cinnamon.
Variety 3:
Dr. MidnightDr. Midnight
Triple chocolate delight with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate, satiny chocolate syrup and rich cocoa powder.
Variety 4:
Chocolate ChipChocolate Chip
The epitome of chocolate chip perfection. An American classic made with delicious Guittard semi-sweet chocolate.
Ribbon Color:
Red Chevron
Box Color:
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