Just Add Milk - 8 Dozen, 2oz - FREE SHIPPING

We've got just what you need, 8 dozen of our absolutely delicious 2-ounce cookies, now all you need to do is Just Add Milk!

This is a perfect gift item for someone who just wants cookies, think corporate office parties, holiday cookie exchanges or just because, and did we mention FREE SHIPPING?! 
Cookie Selector
We have chosen our best sellers for you. For a custom assortment choose the cookies you would like fresh-baked for your gift below:
Variety 1:
Chocolate ChipChocolate Chip
The epitome of chocolate chip perfection. An American classic made with delicious Guittard semi-sweet chocolate.
Variety 2:
Oatmeal RaisinOatmeal Raisin
Just like grandma used to make. It's a delightful old-fashioned classic made with plump California raisins.
Variety 3:
Cinnamon cookie with a whimsical name. Made with creamery butter and cinnamon.
Variety 4:
Mint ConditionMint Condition
A cool variation of our triple chocolate. We replace chocolate chips in the Dr. Midnight with Guittard green mint chips.
Variety 5:
Dr. MidnightDr. Midnight
Triple chocolate delight with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate, satiny chocolate syrup and rich cocoa powder.
Variety 6:
Lemon DropLemon Drop
A tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie made with creamery butter and pure lemon extract.
Variety 7:
Almond JoeAlmond Joe
A salute to the wonderful Hershey's candy bar. A medley of toasted almonds, Guittard chocolate and coconut.
Variety 8:
Peanut ButterPeanut Butter
A Skippy Super Chunk creation. Hand-forked for an unbelievably rich homemade look and flavor.