Love Struck Cookie Gift Box - 1 Dozen, 2oz

Bows and arrows and cookies, oh my! Cupid's arrow is coming your way in the form of 1 dozen, 2-ounce delectable fresh baked cookies, and love never tasted so good.
One taste of these cookies and that special someone will be heels overhead in love with you. Don't need Cupid? Buy your own cookies! 
Cookie Selector
We have chosen our best sellers for you. For a custom assortment choose the cookies you would like fresh-baked for your gift below:
Variety 1:
Chocolate ChipChocolate Chip
The epitome of chocolate chip perfection. An American classic made with delicious Guittard semi-sweet chocolate.
Variety 2:
Dr. MidnightDr. Midnight
Triple chocolate delight with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate, satiny chocolate syrup and rich cocoa powder.
Be sure to select your favorite variety