Mint Condition

Cookies for every walk of life. Meet Mint Condition:

A cool variation of our triple chocolate. We replace chocolate chips in the Dr. Midnight with Guittard green mint chips.

Ingredients: Pure cane sugars, Unbleached wheat flour, Green mint chips (sugar, palm oil, whey powder, nonfat dry milk solids, gum Arabic, anhydrous dextrose, soy lecithin, artificial color [Yellow Lake #5, Blue Lake #1, Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #6, Yellow #5], salt, natural flavor), Butter (made from milk), Palm oil (RSPO-Certified, non-hydrogenated palm oil shortening), Eggs (pasteurized), Cocoa powder (processed with potassium carbonate), Guittard chocolate syrup (fructose, water, cocoa (processed with potassium carbonate), chocolate, real vanilla, lactic acid, potassium sorbate (a preservative)), Grape juice, Rice dextrins, Pure vanilla extract, Sea salt, Baking soda.

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